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Tear Jerker / SHUFFLE!

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  • Nerine and Asa's flashbacks in Episode 14, and Lycoris' rescue of Primula one episode later are very dramatic and emotional. There are comparable moments for each other main girl in the series. In the game, this is invoked during sex, where Primula's magic erases Rin's memory, causing him to slowly forget who she is and causing him to shed tears without knowing why.
  • The ending to the series is also a real tear jerker, especially when we see the flashback of Kaede trying to kill Rin over her dead mother and Rin committing suicide with the box cutter to rescue Asa.
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  • In Asa's route in the visual novel, after Rin and Asa start going out, he overhears her talking with Kaede. Asa apologizes to Kaede, but while Kaede takes the news fairly well compared to the anime, it's clear that she's heartbroken. Rin doesn't love Kaede the same way he loves Asa, but still feels guilty about inadvertently causing Kaede so much pain.

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