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Tear Jerker / Shinnen New Year

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  • In general, this is Ford1114's final fanfiction as his offer to show a good mega crossover.
  • This is how Guilty Crown, due to its production history, feels to be nearly left out in the fandom compare to their popular counterparts in the 2010s such as Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. It honestly reflects Canon!Shu's current state at the start of the story, it's hard not to feel sorry for him since Guilty Crown ended.
    • In Chapter 2, some of the YYGDM founders ostracized Canon!Shu for his past actions of his anime. Really, this can remind some people of being shunned by certain groups (especially those that are popular) that wanted to be accepted. The author can also relate his experience back in his high school days.
  • TOM mentioning Toonami's fate and how viewers watches anime online more than on television shows the economic changes, though he reassures that he and his group are still around.
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  • Chapter 19: Canon!Shu chewing on the Paradais duo of how is their son's fault that he ruins his life and how his franchise will be nearly forgotten. His dialogue takes this scene and the readers to understand him.
    Canon!Shu: Oh is that it? You have let that spawn of yours, out of your unholy miscarriage in ruining my past life, turning my older sister into a twisted monster, and attempt that phony apocalypse! Their meteorite is the cause of making me so vilified like a whiny, selfish bastard. I thought today is the New Years Eve that I want to celebrate in trying to move forward with Ayase and Tsugumi. I went through all this HELL in wanting recognition from those popular figures! But NO..When my eyesight is restored, all I still see is utter chaos that so-called Da’ath organization returns in wanting vengeance, as long as I remain alive! If they want the real Inori inside my mind, they have to go through me because I should have left this world to be with her. Once it’s done, I’ll be a blind cripple again tomorrow in being so damn forgotten in the historical threads of time.” Canon!Shu said before his loneliness turned anger grew, “People and anime fans pretending that I don’t exist, they would only see my series as a trainwreck cliché, while all the rest like those Sailor Senshi, Digimon, those Z-Warriors, retarded ninjas (Naruto), comic book superheroes, Nintendo, Gundamn, Code Geass, Evangelion, Sluts la Sluts to the point they recently announce a video game adaptation, and Attack on Titan-ASS get all the cash cow attention of being remembered in legacy! They have all these parody videos made by fans while I don’t! In fact, I HAVE NO LEGACY! ISN’T THAT FUCKING RIGHT?!

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