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Tear Jerker / Shadow Warrior (2013)

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  • For a game that should be light-hearted and never take itself seriously (especially if you remember the original), the backstory and ending are surprisingly sad. The story of the Ancients grows more and more tragic as you recover further memories from the Whisperers. At the end of the game, Ameonna is finally awakened and Lo Wang sees her with the body of Hoji which fades away. They just stare at each other, as it starts raining. The Shadow Realm is saved but at a great price. A stark contrast with the game's goofy opening.
    • To elaborate, each of the Ancients felt some love for their sister, enough that they willingly sacrificed their memories of her to create the Whisperers and were willing to sacrifice their immortal lives to revive her.
    • The forbidden romance between Hoji and Ameonna is worth a tear as well. Driven mad by the pain of being forever banished from her side, Hoji lashed out at Ameonna and the entire Shadow Realm before sealing his own memories so he could forget his love of her.
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    • Ameonna's story is sad as well: The Shadow Realm needs rain to survive and the only source is her tears. As such she is is sequestered alone atop a mountain, eternally weeping from some unknown sorrow. Any source of happiness is torn away from her, as seen when her love Hoji was brutally maimed and taken from her side for bringing her joy. Her only relief was a potion that let her sleep until a love-maddened Hoji poisoned it to punish her for making him feel such intense longing for her. And when she finally awakens from her poisoned slumber, her brothers are dead or greatly weakened and her lover has just died.
  • When talking with Xing he asks if Wang knows what memories were used to create his Whisperer. When Wang claims he doesn't know Xing is clearly saddened to have lost a memory that was obviously important to him.