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Tear Jerker / Seussical

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  • During "Alone in the Universe" both Horton and JoJo are feeling absolutely miserable. They (seemingly) have no friends, everyone they know thinks they're crazy, and all they can do is practically pray that somehow they'll find a friend. They soon find each other, which is on the Heartwarming page, but that doesn't negate the Tearjerker before it.
  • Horton is in the middle of a field a hundred miles wide. The flower with the dust speck that contains the planet of Who is in there somewhere, but Horton doesn't know exactly where. The only way Horton can see to find them is to inspect each flower and try talking to it. Each and every flower. One by one. In a field a hundred miles wide. Talk about hopeless.
  • "Solla Sollew." The absolute horrors Horton, Jojo and his parents have to face are heartbreaking.
    • Even more so for Jojo's parents when the General comes to them on Christmas Day to tell them that their son might be dead.
  • "Notice Me, Horton." Gertrude and Horton need Horton and the clover (respectively), and they're both absolutely hopeless at this point.
  • Jojo when he's first being scolded. Even more so in the revised versions, where it seems like he's just a random person the Cat put in that role (and at least he blames the Cat for the trouble).
  • When Yertle the Turtle sentences Horton at the trial, he sounds so regretful...then cue Mood Whiplash.

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