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Tear Jerker / Senyuu

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  • Volume one is rather lighthearted, but in volume 2, Senyuu. is hit with the Cerebus Syndrome, and can be pretty sad if it wants to. It begins with the encounter between Hime-chan and a heelfaced Foyfoy, which is the first time the emotional speech isn't Played for Laughs and someone crying is actually sad.
  • Ruki just turns on the crystal ball in time to watch her father get killed. And, minutes later, losing her mother who seals herself in an attempt to seal Dezember, September and November. And taking over an entire empire. At the age of 10.
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  • Shion burying his father's soul. He, of all people, is crying.
  • Salt's conversation with the deceased Rchimedes' soul before he vanishes.

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