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Tear Jerker / Scooby-Doo! Shaggy's Showdown

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  • The true story of Dapper Jack is heartbreaking: The nicest, kindest man in town, his life was ruined when the sheriff decided that he wanted all the fame and framed him for cattle rustling, turning the whole town against him, then he was killed by the sheriff who proceeded to commit crimes in his name before pretending to hunt him down and end his life, and everyone remembered him as a villain when he did nothing wrong.
    • Even worse - Jack's dog wasn’t at the fatal showdown, so either the dog was the first to find the corpse, or the sheriff killed the dog before killing Jack.
    • Considering the family name Rogers went on up until Shaggy, either Jack's family also turned against him, or they believed he was innocent but were unable to convince the townsfolk.
    • The worst part? The ending implies that Jack's ghost really DOES exist, meaning that he could have easily haunted the town had he wanted. He had every right to be consumed with anger and hatred and curse the sheriff (or even the entire town) and make them suffer for turning against him and killing him...but he never did. Even after suffering such injustice, he was far too nice to seek revenge for the way he was treated. Since the truth had been discovered, he could finally be at peace.

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