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Tear Jerker / Sakura Wars 4: Fall in Love, Maidens

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

  • The Wind and Rose Divisions' farewell to Ogami after the Ogami Combat Revue defeats Nagayasu Okubo. Tsubaki gives Ogami a special bromide of her, Kasumi and Yuri, and Ogami gives Kikunojo a bear hug. The scene becomes much sadder as Daisuke Gori, Yokihiko's actor, committed suicide nearly eight years after the game's release.
  • The Stinger feels like a goodbye to the first four games. Yoneda's monologue doesn't help, especially when he sees his fallen comrades Shinnosuke Yamazaki, Ayame Fujieda, and Kazuma Shinguji smiling at him. Even worse, his subordinates had to fight them in the first two games, with them meeting terrible fates: Yamazaki dying, then resurrected, then dying again; Kazuma dying for Sakura after freeing him from Kyogoku's control; Ayame dies protecting Ogami.
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  • The ending song "You, My Flower" is a major tearjerker as it not only represents the final storyline in Ogami's arc but the lyrics that mention the short life of a flower means that Tokyo's happiness won't last long by the time of Shin Sakura Wars.
  • With the annihilation of the Paris and Imperial Combat Revues in the backstory to Shin Sakura Wars and Daisuke Gori's suicide in 2010, the final group shot is the last time the revues' Flower Divisions, as well as the Wind and Rose Divisions, appear together onscreen.


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