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Tear Jerker / S Kins

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Generation 1

  • Sid breaking down and grieving over his father's death in front of Tony, in his series 2 episode.
  • “Chelle. I’m so lonely.”
  • Cassie's speech about enjoying power during her exam. She's clearly asking her teacher for understanding, especially when she mentions her self harm. What makes it more tragic is that she actually gets some sympathy from her teacher and aces the test... and it's her last happy moment before Chris dies.
  • Chris's death
    • Cassie, unable to deal with it runs away to New York
    • Special note goes to Adele's Hometown Glory playing as she runs desperately through the crowd in her final scene of 'Cassie'
  • Tony crying when Sid leaves for New York to find Cassie. What really makes this scene is when Tony stands at the doors of the airport after Sid goes through them a second time to catch his flight, as if he's waiting for Sid to come back a second time, but it finally clicks in for Tony when he never does. Then the tears start to fall.

Generation 2

  • Thomas giving Emily his shoes at the bus stop.
  • Cook during the final episode of season 3, "Everyone", letting his jerkass mask finally fall.
    Cook: "Nothing good ever stays with me. Absolutely nothin'."
    • Anytime Cook lets his bad boy facade fall and lets people see how broken and lonely he really is is one of these.
    • Basically if Cook cries, we all cry.
  • Naomi's Anguished Declaration of Love to Emily in the series 4 finale.
  • In Skins: Fire Part One, Naomi is bored and depressed due to Emily living in New York for an internship, and having no job, with her only relief coming from cigarette breaks and parties with her friends, much to Effy's annoyance. She goes to the doctor, complaining of abdominal pains, and continues to act strangely. At the end of the episode, Effy finds her blaring loud music on the balcony of their apartment, disrupting Effy's sleep. Fed up with her behavior, Effy demands to know what is going on. Naomi, staring forlorn at the view of the city, turns around to face Effy, and breaks down...
    Naomi: "(quietly) Got cancer."
    Effy: "What are you saying?"
    Naomi: "(crying) CANCER, okay!? I've got fucking cancer! You win! You win, again!"
  • Cooks final speech on the last episode. The main theme of it is about how people tend to let grief and the past consume them, a vitally important theme for Cook and for the show, as someone dies every generation. But he then reminds us that in the same vein, we sometimes forget to appreciate our lives, and that to be happy, we need to start letting ourselves live. Basically its telling the viewers thats its ok to move on. And thats the end of the series. Cue floods of tears
    • Cooks entire mental state through his two episodes in series 7. He's quiet, withdrawn, serious, and most worryingly exhibits some self harming tendencies. He's definitely not the loudmouthed jokester anymore.
    • His description of his emotions towards killing Foster. He describes it as feeling like nothing. This sounds worryingly like he's lost any sense of remorse, until he goes on to say he has to live with that nothing inside of him, and you realise that what he's actually dealing with is pretty obviously clinical depression. Feelings of numbness, a withdrawn nature, and self harm are often major red flags. If you compound those onto his severe low self worth, his best friend having been murdered, and the mental strain of being on the run for 3 years, its a wonder Cook hasn't completely cracked yet. It's hard not to feel sad about his evolution from a carefree trouble maker to a depressed and haunted man.
    Cook: And thats all I've got to say about that.
  • Katie finding out that she is going through premature menopause in her series 4 episode.
    • Later, her speech to her mother about how she doesn't want money or a house or anything like that: she just wants her mum.
  • The rooftop scene in Emily's series 4 episode where she finds out that Naomi cheated on her.
  • Emily's self-destructive behaviour and subsequent breakdown in Katie's series 4 episode, culminating in her crying on her bed with Katie.

Generation 3

  • Nick’s complete breakdown and subsequent wrecking of his house. It displays really well just how difficult it is mentally to be the 'golden child'.
  • Grace’s death especially important as unlike the other two generations, it happens at the beginning of Gen 3's second season, so we really get to see the fall out.
  • Rich coming back to the Blood's wrecked house and finding David Blood sat on the staircase. The poor man isn't even angry about the house, all he can think about is how he just turned off his daughters life support, essentially killing her.
    • Rich realising that the phone he's been using to talk to Grace on is broken, so the call obviously couldn't have happened, and was all in his head (assuming she wasn't a ghost saying goodbye).
    ”Everything is so beautiful. I love you, Rich.”
    • Rich seeing Grace in the pool.
    • Pretty much any mention of Grace is enough to get the water works going.
  • Liv spending a whole episode stressing about possibly having a tumour. When she finally gets into the clinic, the nurse tells her theres nothing there, she realises being seeing things the whole time as a side effect of her having lost her best friend. She then breaks down sobbing in the nurses arms.
    Liv: My friend died. Grace died.
  • The final scene of the main series, in which Franky finally meets her birth mother, Alex leaves for Thailand with the implication that he'll never see Liv again and sends her a text that just says, "love you forever,", Mini giving birth to her and Alo's child, and a content Rich hearing the baby's birth and looking to the sky to say one final message to Grace (and to the viewer):

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