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Tear Jerker / Rune Factory 4

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  • Ventuswill's backstory. Imagine that, one day, your best friend doesn't visit you like they always do. At first you aren't too worried, convinced they're just in a bad mood or something. But as the days go by, they still don't appear. Worried, you ask around to see if anyone's seen them; the answer is no. You wait for weeks, unable to leave Selphia, hoping against hope they'll show up, fine and, most importantly, safe. They don't, and eventually you realize they sacrificed themselves so you could keep living for centuries with this loneliness and sorrow. Now imagine going through this four times. No wonder she's so aloof to the townsfolk.
    • The reveal that she's going to be dead soon, and the only reason she's still alive is because of the said sacrifices. It doesn't help that the revelation not only came (almost) out of nowhere, but is somewhat out of place in an otherwise cheerful series.
  • The end of the first arc: your character, forced to choose between getting themselves or Leon out of the Forest of Beginning, picks Leon. He wakes up just in time to watch you send him home, and you tell him to tell Ventuswill you're sorry for breaking your promise. Then, as he is teleported back, you sit down in this field of nothingness as the credits start rolling. Sure, it's just a fake-out, and Venti comes to take you back afterwards, but anyone who's played one of the Mystery Dungeon games will feel a sense of déjà vu.
    • Not like the second arc's ending was better, (though at least they waited until after the credits this time) After a reunion between everybody in Selphia after defeating Ethelberd, Ventuswill reveals that her body returned to the Forest of Beginnings since said Big Bad's defeat, and that her last wish was to see everybody, especially your character, one final time as a spirit. There's some Heartwarming Moments in that he/she tells Venti that she fulfilled her promise by helping him/her make new memories and that he/she will never forget the time they spent together before Venti passes away.
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  • It's particularly sad to get close to the bachelor(ette)s that you're not considering marrying and watching them drop so many hints that they're developing feelings for you.
  • Leon's Marriage Event (aka the reverse marriage proposal) and the reason why he said he can't marry you (at first), if you're playing as the female character.
    • To elaborate, Leon had a childhood friend named Maria whom he saw purely as a younger sister. One day, while she was crying, Leon told her he would do anything to stop her from crying again and she asks him to marry her. Thoughtlessly, he agrees and she never cried again. Fast forward to when Leon is being sent off to fulfill his duties as a Guardian and he realizes that Maria took his agreement (to be married to her) seriously. He never forgave himself for accidentally giving her false hope, so he vowed that he would never marry.
    Leon: I was the one who took away her tears. The one who buried her under her repressed despair. It's all my fault.
  • The entirety of Margaret's Marriage Event. Just... the whole damn thing. Margaret suffers a high amount of fear that she, as an elf, will naturally outlive Lest and will likely live on many years without him should he die, and she already gives off these hints when she accepts Lest's confession. Porcoline attempts to have her accept this fear, but she asks him if he ever understood that aspect of her and flees. When Lest eventually reaches her, she gets attacked by a siren, and her voice is stolen from her. Eventually, Lest leaves to take her voice back, but she forces herself to finally accept her fears, come what may to her voice. When they confront the siren, they return the melody bottle they found, holding a man's dying wish for the siren to hear from him one more time. The siren gives Margaret her voice back, hoping to find her own voice in time.
    • As it turns out, Porcoline FULLY understands the same fear Margaret did. Depending on the pajama parties you join, Doug will mention seeing an elven ambassador speak with Porcoline, as well as a picture of a much younger Porcoline with an elf. Dylas reveals that the elf was romantically involved with Porcoline, but became deathly ill. All of Porcoline's attempts to find a cure and use various doctors proved futile, and the elven lady died before him. It's because of this shock, that he becomes so hospitable to Margaret, Arthur and Dylas, because he wishes to cherish others before he may die unexpectedly.
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  • Another one with Margaret, this time the event "A Performance Without an Audience." It starts off simple and sweet, with Margaret just hoping to play on a big stage. However, once Dolce finds someone who wants her to perform, things take a turn. The performance takes place at Obsidian Mansion and while searching for the score, the player and Margaret encounter several past memories between a woman named Marina and a man named Julius, who is a composer, as they form a relationship. Eventually, it's revealed that the woman who wanted Margaret to play for her was Marina, hoping to finally hear Julius' song that he wrote for her before he died in an accident on her birthday. Unable to pass on due to grief, both Marina and Julius haunted the mansion until the concert they both wished for was performed. Once Margaret starts playing, Marina and Julius are reunited and finally pass on to be together forever in the afterlife. As the event ends, Julius' song (the one that Margaret always plays) continues playing.
  • In a random conversation with Amber, she'll mention the reason why she naps so much is because in her dreams she can see her old friends from before she became a Guardian. In another, your character asks her what the world was like before she 'started sleeping', and she simply mentions that the flowers were really pretty, and she wishes she could show you.
    • Her marriage event is also pretty sad. It's revealed Ambrosia has become her split personality due to Amber not wanting her to return to the Forest of Beginnings and Ambrosia's personality is slowly taking over her body. Amber even breaks down at one point and realizes that she doesn't want to vanish because she loves Lest so much. At the end, Ambrosia chooses to save Amber by removing all memories of the monster in order to prevent Amber from grieving for her; revealing as she fades away that her one true wish was to live alongside Amber.
  • Leon and Dylas may talk about their old lives before being Guardians, wondering whatever happened to the other people in Selphia after they entered their roles.
    • Dolce's entire marriage event has to do with her old life, as she has difficulty accepting Nancy and Jones as her adoptive parents because she's scared of forgetting her real parents.

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