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Tear Jerker / Roomies!, It's Walky!, Joyce and Walky!

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  • In Its Walky, Walky bringing along Sal's old friend, Danny in order to snap her out of her Homicidal Rage.
    • The death of Dina
    • What's especially powerful about that scene is that it affects Mike. Mike, the Sociopathic Hero who never appears to give a damn about anybody and in fact delights in making their lives hell, looks utterly devastated when he sees that bomb go off. The fact that he doesn't even put up a fight when Walky beats him within an inch of his life afterwards, blaming him for Dina's death is just as upsetting.
      Mike: No punch.
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    • The aftermath of that event has far reaching effects on Joyce and Walky's relationship. The most tragic is when Walky asks Joyce what she thinks happened to Dina... and Joyce reluctantly replies that according to her beliefs, since Dina was an Atheist, she probably went to Hell. Walky responds: "Get away from me." The look on Joyce's face afterward is likely shared by most readers.
  • A major Tearjerker is definitely Ruth's death in Roomies!
  • Daisy's reactions to the deaths of Mandy and Grace.


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