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Tear Jerker / Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Richard Aiken's character is fleshed out more in the game and we even get to play the events which led up to Chris finding him and Rebecca in the first game, and everything we see and learn about him is just heart breaking.
    • There's a file in the game which actually gives Richard's reasons for joining S.T.A.R.S in the first place. Basically, he watched as a little boy his sister get murdered by a criminal. Naturally being only a rightfully frightful child, he couldn't do anything to stop her murder and he ever since blamed himself and thought he should have died in her place. This back story proves to give deeper insight as to why Richard sacrificed himself for Jill and Rebecca, because he never wanted to feel weak or let someone else die for him.
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    • Richard also has a lover, Bridgette, of whom this letter was written to. One of the last sentences in the letter assures her that "he is not that little kid anymore and he will come back alive". *sigh* right in the feels.
    • All throughout Rebecca's campaign with him, he's the one playing the optimistic fellow for Rebecca whom knows that things have taken a turn for the worse and will continue getting worse. She keeps losing hope and Richard against his own fears constantly assures her in a very gentle and calm manner that help will come. Needless to say when Chris and Jill arrive to save the two, Rebecca looks so incredibly relieved and Richard is in awe that his hopes weren't in vain. Sadly, he succumbs to the poison of Yawn not long after.
  • Rebecca in her Resident Evil chapters make it clear that though Rebecca is not some burden on the team and can hold her own, she is still the youngest (18 years old) and least experienced member of the team and as such, she's easier to break under the greater pressures of her mission than her teammates.
    • After weathering the horrors of the prequel's events, Rebecca takes some time to rest in the dormitory outside the mansion. Despite being in even more dangerous territory than before, Rebecca is just so exhausted that she has to collect her strength to continue.
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    • Rebecca sorrowfully lamenting on Edward's death to which Richard is rendered speechless for a bit himself.
    • Rebecca suffering a moment of weakness after being attacked by crows which Richard is forced to help her. She is noticeably short on hope and ready to give up, but Richard assures her that he will stick by her and help will come and even jokes to lift her spirits. And then Yawn makes his appearance...
    • Chirs and Jill's first stage of the Mansion Incident ends with an uplifting moment where Richard's faith in help coming to rescue him and Rebecca is rewarded with Chris and Jill arriving to help them. The third stage ends with Rebecca, Chris, and Jill (and Barry, but he strangely isn't in the game) being the only ones that escape the entire incident while Rebecca falls asleep crying on the helicopter because Richard of course couldn't survive his poisoning.
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  • "All those people" said glumly by Carlos as he and Jill escape from Raccoon City just before it's wiped off the face of the earth from the government launched missile.
  • A lot of the radio chatter from HUNK's mission boarders between this and Nightmare Fuel. We have a radio station anchor sadly, but bravely announce "this is our final broadcast" as he knows there's no hope for the city. Then we hear his voice again, but this time, suffering a psychotic breakdown at first sounding a little silly with him singing back and fourth "Raccoon City" in a rocker voice, but then go to downright depressing and even horrific as he screams in hysterical Cry Laughing, crazed fashion "IT'S ALL OVER MAN! WE'RE SCREEEEEEEWWWWED, AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!". We also hear HUNK's teammate plea for assistance, but her cries fall on deaf ears as HUNK coldly replies "this is war, survival is your responsibility".


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