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Tear Jerker / Resident Evil Code: Veronica

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • When Steve changes back to human form, but then dies.
  • When Steve has to kill his dad.
  • What happens to Steve throughout his backstory and Code: Veronica. He's in prison because his dad was caught leaking information. His mom was killed because of it, so now he has major trust issues. There's a biohazard and the two survivors are Alfred (who's fucking nuts) and Claire. But, since he has those trust problems, he doesn't trust Claire at first. He has to kill his own dad after he became a zombie. They eventually escape, only to end up in Antarctica. Then they try to escape, only to be foiled by Alexia, who injects him with the t-Veronica virus, which causes him to mutate horribly. He attempts to kill Claire. And dies. Then his body gets stolen by Wesker. Steve is often seen as a Narmy annoyance due to his emotional outbursts and propensity for getting into trouble. But how many 17-year-olds would have it completely together after going through what he did?
    • The comic book adaptation explores a little bit of how Steve was taken to Rockfort and why, after Umbrella found out his father was stealing and selling their secrets, a team of Umbrella agents raided their house, and when Steve tried to defend his family, they opened fire and his mother was shot by them. Steve and his father were taken to Rockfort Island, Steve was taken because he now "knew too much." and to be used as a barganing chip for his father's cooperation.
  • The twins' "reunion" after Alfred gets owned is rather twistedly moving. He gets shot, falls down a huge pit, and still manages to drag himself to the spot where Alexia's frozen leaving a bright red blood trail all the while just in time to see her wake up - the last things he sees and probably in his eyes the best thing he could've picked, having literally missed her like crazy while they were apart. As for her, oh, what a fine thing to wake up to, and while herself doesn't change expression at all she blows up Claire and Steve's snowmobile from probably miles away, proceeding to cradle her dead brother, stroking his hair and singing him a lullaby. Somehow it makes it all the worse that with the time Alexia's been frozen for, this is the first time - and obviously ends up being the only time - they've seen each other since they were kids.
    • As evil and crazy as Alfred and Alexia are when we meet them, think about why they're like that. Their father didn't want a child to love and care for, he wanted a means to an end to fix his own mistakes. He took a girl and exploited her profound talents for evil and his own personal gain. Alfred had it even worse. Alexander Ashford didn't even want or need him and he probably made that abundantly clear. Then Alexia, the one person who ever loved him, froze herself for 15 years, leaving him completely alone. Anyone would go mad after that.
  • The security chief Rodrigo, having released Claire so that she could escape, is left alone on the island after everyone else dies. His last moments involve saying "looks like I can meet my family again", and giving Chris back the lighter that Claire left him in thanks. Rodrigo was a fairly minor character but he was great because he showed that even people who work for a company as evil as Umbrella can redeem themselves. Zombie apocalypses can bring out the best in some people!
    • Bit of Fridge Sadness, but if you look at the plaque covered wall after Rodrigo is taken by the Gulp Worm, you can see graves with the words "Maria Raval rests here" and "Robert Raval rests here". It's possible Rodrigo had been living here with his family for a while now. According to the novel, Umbrella forcibly took over the island, which was his home. With nowhere else to go, he joined them.


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