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Tear Jerker / Red Dragon

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There are quite a few though this is unsurprising for a book dedicating a lot of pages to talking about the victims of horrible deaths and contemplating over their lives.

  • Though Freddy Lounds was a major jerkass his death still tugs at the heartstrings. His lover, Wendy stays with him until he dies and tries to comfort him the best she can.
    Wendy of Wendy City held Lounds's blackened claw and looked straight at him. He stirred once, a little before noon.
    "It's gonna be just fine, Roscoe," she said. "We'll have us some high old times."
    Lounds stirred again and died.
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  • Dolarhyde's backstory and mental illness. Born disfigured, horribly abused as a child and now suffering from major delusions of being possessed by some otherwordly monster. His interactions from Reba show that were it not for his mental illness he could have been a normal, kind and loving man.


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