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Tear Jerker / Red Daughter of Krypton

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What's that "gently" thing you talk of?

Sad moments in Red Daughter of Krypton:

  • The reason for this story happening: Supergirl became so embittered, angry and lonely that she genuinely believed everyone was out to get her or manipulate her, she was alone and she didn't belong anywhere. She was so mad and desperate that she attracted a Ring of Rage. Seven billions of people and the ring chose her. Think about it.
  • And then she's told she'll be a Red forever, whether she likes or not.
  • When the Diasporans invade planet Grax, a girl is crying over her mother's corpse.
  • Kara doesn't like the Diasporans because their world-killing genocidal war campaigns kinda strike a nerve.
    Supergirl: How could anyone make it their mission in life to murder whole worlds? Can you imagine what an abomination that is to an orphan from a dead planet?
  • Sheko became a Red Lantern because her planet's legal system was a sad joke and a farce, and when she tried to judge someone fairly, she got murdered.
  • On a metalevel, all the character and quirks we see in the Red Lantern corps throughout the series? All ignored as soon as Guy leaves the corps.