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Tear Jerker / Realm of the Elderlings

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  • The first book ends on one, second book ends on a big one, THE ENTIRE THIRD BOOK IS ONE.

The Farseer Trilogy:

  • The quiet moment in Royal Assassin where Fitz realizes that he has nothing outside of his service and obedience to the King.
    Patience: Fitz? What will you do?
    Fitz: What I am told. When have I ever done otherwise?
  • Fitz meets Hands again in ''Assassin's Quest and Hands turns away from him, disgusted, since Fitz's possession of the Wit has been revealed by now.
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  • Verity and Kettricken being separated again, just not long after they've been reunited. The reunion wasn't all that heartwarming either; Verity could scarcely remember Kettricken, or feel anything else for that matter.
  • The Fool and his quiet devotion to King Shrewd is absolutely heartbreaking in the second book as Shrewd is dying. The Fool is possibly the only one who loves the king as a person, rather than just as the king, and he has to watch Shrewd become sick and feeble and senseless. Essentially, if the Fool is crying, you're crying.


The Rain Wild Chronicles!!

  • Malta's grief when she believed Tintaglia, and with her her newborn son Euphron and eventually herself and her husband, dead.

  • Thymara being forced to admit to herself that the Rapskal she had loved was gone forever, permanently subsumed by the memories of an Elderling warrior.

The Fitz and the Fool!!

  • If you don’t start crying as the second to last chapter of Assassin’s Fate goes on, it’s only because you’re dead inside.

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