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Tear Jerker / Rango

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Warning: Spoilers are unmarked, per wiki policy.

  • The murder of honest banker Merrimack, particularly the shot of how vulnerable he looks, lying dead, when the posse finds his body.
  • Rango being utterly humiliated and revealed as a liar to the only people who've ever come to know and trust him.
  • Afterwards, Rango wanders alone across the desert night with a lost and forlorn look on his face, until he gets to the highway. Rango finds his imaginary friends from the old terrarium, then sits there watching the traffic for a bit before finally saying to himself:
    Rango: Who am I? I'm nobody.
  • When Rango leaves Dirt, returns to the road, picks up Mr. Timms, and hugs him like a child would a security blanket or stuffed animal.
  • Just imagine how sad the family from the beginning of the movie will be when they find out their pet chameleon accidentally fell out of their car at some point on their trip, and they have no hope of finding him again.