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Tear Jerker / Quantum of Solace

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Camille: Is that how you treat your friends?
Bond: He wouldn't care.

  • Mathis' death scene was genuinely heartrending... then the Mood Whiplash hits, when Bond dumps him in a garbage container.
  • The scene with the Bolivians crowding around a dripping tap attached to an empty tank... and seeing the last drop drip out.
  • Agent Field's death, especially when it is revealed that she was not even a field agent. She was so swept into Bond's world, wanted to do her part, but ended up being killed by enemy agents.
  • When M comes to the Secretary of State about Greene, he refuses to go ahead with any criminal investigations because it would mean Britain would lose any chance of acquiring oil in Bolivia. It's a sobering situation, that the Secretary points out that legality and justice aren't worth much in a scramble for necessary resources to keep a nation running.
  • The theme tune, when you realize the lyrics are essentially a Madness Mantra for Bond. He is essentially counting the things that could be worse for him than a broken heart, due to Vesper's betrayal and subsequent death.
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  • The ending. Bond has caught Vesper's duplicitous boyfriend, but the music, his demeanor, and the way he discards her necklace indicates that he'll be haunted by everything for a long time.
  • While discussing Mr. White’s escape from custody, Bond tells M that White’s escape was made easy due to the murder of an agent guarding the exit (dead by Mitchell’s hand), whose body M unknowingly passed by while trying to escape the shooting. M is shocked upon hearing that she missed the corpse of one of her agents.