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Tear Jerker / Quantum of Solace

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Camille: Is that how you treat your friends?
Bond: He wouldn't care.
  • Mathis' death scene was genuinely heartrending... until the Mood Whiplash hits, when Bond dumps him in a garbage container.
  • The scene with the Bolivians crowding around a dripping tap attached to an empty tank... and seeing the last drop drip out.
  • Agent Field's death, especially when it is revealed that she was not even a field agent. She was so swept into Bond's world, wanted to do her part, but ended up being killed by enemy agents.
  • The theme tune, when you realize the lyrics are essentially a Madness Mantra for Bond. He is essentially counting the things that could be worse for him than a broken heart, due to Vesper's betrayal and subsequent death.
  • The ending. Bond has caught Vesper's duplicitous boyfriend, but the music, his demeanor, and the way he discards her necklace indicates that he'll be haunted by everything for a long time.


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