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Tear Jerker / Progress Wrestling

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  • At the end of Chapter 38, Mark Haskins, Progress Wrestling Champion, lays the belt in the middle of the ring and tearfully walks away. In this video, it's revealed that Haskins has to take time away from the ring because he's having neck issues.
    • This luckily had a happy ending as, at Tropic Thunderbastard, Haskins announced that he had been cleared to wrestle and allied himself with Jimmy Havoc against British Strong Style.
  • Kris Travis was a very talented British wrestler who performed several times for Progress and was hugely popular throughout the UK wrestling scene. Forced into retirement after suffering stomach cancer a second time, his last ever match anywhere took place at Progress Chapter 21. He passed away in April 2016. The next Progress show started with the stage lights turning pink – Kris’ signature colour – and his entrance theme playing to massive applause.
    • When Tommy End won Super Strong Style 16 in 2016, one of the first things he did was grab a microphone and dedicate his victory to Kris Travis.
    • At the start of Chapter 36 – in Brixton Academy, Progress’ biggest ever show - Kris Travis’ entrance theme was played, the entrance lights turned pink, and the crowd gave a standing ovation.
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  • A Progress Ultra, Leon Webster, was so severely ill that he had to stay in hospital so a hashtag was started on Twitter (Leon Is Progress) which Jim Smallman and Progress talent used as well as many fans. Webster passed away shortly afterwards and a minute's applause in his honour took place at following Progress show. When the time came to raise money for a ring canvas via Crowd Funding, allowing fans to have their names or something else printed on the canvas for a set fee, one fan chose 'R.I.P Leon'
  • The various good byes at Complicated Simplicity, the first being TK Cooper and Dahlia Black due to their visas expiring, then Paul Robinson due to a blood disease that runs in his family and finally Axel Dieter JR who had been signed by WWE.
    • One of these has thankfully been righted, as The South Pacific Power Couple returned at Chapter 53 to reunite with Travis Banks.
  • Rob Lynch announced his retirement at Chapter 53, he said during his retirement speech "I fucking hate my life right now" or something that effect.
    • Compounded by James Davis immediately turning on him, who proceeded to taunt him over his dad leaving him, his fiancee leaving him, him losing his house and breaking a cricket bat over his back.
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  • Eddie Dennis turning on longtime best friend and tag team partner Mark Andrews, especially after explaining his reasons for it, and how heartbroken Andrews seems to be over it.
  • Pollyanna losing in the Natural Progression Series first round to Jinny. She was actually retiring from wrestling soon, but the fact that she never appeared on a main chapter show again made this seem like a Heroic RRoD.
    • The reason why she actually retired wasn't revealed until 2018 but it was heartbreaking. She was raped by an older male wrestling figure, and she left the scene to get away from him. She left Progress on bad terms after they forgot her request to not have him there at any show that she was.
  • Flash Morgan Webster winning the championship at Chapter 65 in a quest that's gone on for 4 years, then having the decision reversed via Dusty Finish. Fans were livid.