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Tear Jerker / ProJared

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You wouldn't expect it from a reviewer who frequents sarcasm, but Jared's various videos can be quite the Tear Jerkers. Especially from the Nuzlocke playthroughs.

  • The finale of the Until Dawn playthrough has Jared failing to save Jessica in the mines (by trying to force the injured Jess to run rather than hide) and Mike (by accidentally having Sam run too early in the final sequence). Not only is he angry and upset with himself after coming so far with zero deaths, hover over the annotation to the playlist at the end...
    I'm so so sorry Mike... Jessica...
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  • His Asagao Academy stream, where he played through Satch's route. While watching a scene showing (virtual reality) Jirard and PBG hanging out, Jared started to tear up because he doesn't get to hang out with them as much as he'd like to in real life.
  • After returning home from PAX 2017, Jared released a video revealing that, while he was away, the home he and his wife were living in at the time had sustained very serious water damage as a result of a broken pipe, leaving a lot of his and his wife's belongings ruined. And a lot of what hadn't been damaged by the water was contaminated by asbestos. The entire four-minute video is Jared, in a dust filter mask, walking around the house, calmly explaining what happened and that there won't be any new videos for a while. Compared to most of his videos, it's a bit jarring.
    • In the follow-up video, Jared explains that he, his wife and Ares (their cat) are okay, but his wife lost almost all of her costumes, crafting materials and tools thanks to the water damage. He specifically states that it's the worst thing he's ever seen her go through.
    • The worst part is how he puts it into perspective for his audience, most of whom have only known Jared by his videos and mass collection of games and game memorabilia. Yes, it'd have been bad for him if his game den had been affected, but those are, in the end, games. He can always buy replacements. Heidi lost much of her life's work, and expressions of her creativity on top of that. For many creatives in the audience, the thought of losing all of one's work is heartbreaking.
  • In his Doki Doki Literature Club! playthrough, seeing him go from joyful anticipation of his date with Yuri to sheer unblinking terror as he pieces together all the clues that Sayori has serious depression is chilling.
    Jared: (ten-second beat)
    Jared: Oh no...
    Jared: I'm suddenly filled with a lot of dread... and a lot of regret.
    • The emotion continues into the next scene in Sayori's house, as Jared softly mutters "please be okay" entering her room, solemnly reads her lines about her depression, and cringes at the protagonist's clueless attempts to help.
    Protagonist: It's like I've been betrayed as your close friend.
    Jared (shaking his head): Do NOT make this about you right now.
    • And it happens again on his next visit, when she... is not okay. Jared needs a whole minute to compose himself after this.
    Jared: It's not fair to myself... to feel like I'm the one to blame for this... but man do I feel guilty!
  • Near the end of Detroit: Become Human, he accidentally gets Kara and Alice killed by attempting to keep running when they're under fire from the FBI instead of surrendering or playing dead, leaving him in Stunned Silence as the gravity of his mistake starts to dawn on him.
    Jared: (softly) Uh... did I just fuck up?
    Subtitles: It's like Until Dawn all over again...
  • The first death of all the Nuzlocke runs: Beatrice the Rattata dying to a critical Peck from a Spearow. Berserker Tears ensued.
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  • If that wasn't enough, Lagiacrus becomes the first in a long line of starters to die before their prime. To a Diglett's Magnitude 10. And right after Narbles bites it, too. He's left with only 3 Pokémon after the ordeal.
  • A small chunk of unreleased footage from the livestream of his Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke reveals that Nuptup did indeed die to Koga's Muk. If it wasn't for the game crashing, Nuptup's death would have counted. Jared's reaction doesn't help.
  • Pokemon Y Episode 25: Jared losing Rathalos to a Pokemon Ranger's Gabite causes him to cross the Despair Event Horizon.
    • This is topped in the next and final episode where loses all of his remaining party members. Once Jinglejangle the Klefki, his final Pokemon, dies, Jared flat-out screams in despair as he whites out.
  • Dark Cry Episode 6: Jared losing Jefina, Nokenil, Pachifetch and Fuhrdan all in one go, and having to say goodbye to all of them.
    Jared: Goodbye Jefina... You bought a turn for us maybe, I dunno. (releases Jefina). Nokenil... the same. (releases Nokenil)... Pachifetch! You were the weirdest thing I ever had, you electric Farfetch'd squirrel not-Flying type... You were also one of my best Pokemon, you even had great moves. (releases Pachifetch)...Why? Why is it always the starters that fall?! WHY?! (releases Fuhrdan)
  • The last episode of his Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke turns into a complete Curb-Stomp Battle as Jared was not expecting Winona's Altaria to have Earthquake that kills off Zimzy, Fibboo, Traggs and Cordy. At this point, Jared knew he was done for and crosses the Despair Event Horizon as Altaria finishes off Srawling and Rolic.

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