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Tear Jerker / Praefacio Of Blue

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  • The fact that Kyle's own mother sabotaged every dream he ever had and got him possessed by demons twice just to satisfy her own desire for petty revenge against being slighted by Anne all those years ago. He has no family left by the end of the novel and the ones he had during it were a cold-hearted sociopath and a girl so broken by abuse she might as well have been.
  • Ney's breakdown, exemplifying everything that was wrong with her as she had been experimented on and abused until she was incapable of functioning like a normal, healthy person.
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  • Kyle's reaction in his dream about Ney dying. Despite all she put him through, he really cared about his little sister.
  • Mikina’s confession is this as well, desperately trying to find forgiveness for the terrible things she’s caused, terrified of the demon possessing her, and begging Yukina to run away before she’s forced to hurt her. The life story she recounts—one where everything she did was solely to help her family—is also pretty heartbreaking. It’s a sad mirror of Prim’s confession earlier on in the novel, where one mother does evil because she’s petty, vain, and cruel, and the other because she can’t stand the thought of losing the ones she loves.


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