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Tear Jerker / Poker Night at the Inventory

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  • Heavy tells a tale about how he dug a grave for a sparrow during his stay in an assassin's camp as a child. Tycho is reduced to tears.
    Strong Bad: Alright big pretend killer man. Tell me the most awesome story you have with plenty of super cool senseless violence!
    Heavy: When I was boy, I was at camp, being trained in many ways of combat.
    Max: Assassination camp for kids, oh this is gonna be good!
    Heavy: There was sparrow, sitting on fence. Snow falls quietly around me. Without notice, another boy jumps from behind tree and kills sparrow with throwing knife! The boy runs away.
    Max: And then...?
    Heavy: I pick up sparrow and hear his last breath before digging him tiny grave...
    Tycho: *Crying.*
    Strong Bad: That's not even a little bit funny, man.
    Heavy: No, it's not...
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  • Heavy's references to being sent to a work camp if he fails. Harsher in Hindsight after Meet The Director, which revealed he actually spent time in one as a child in 1941. He was only able to leave with his mother and sisters by killing all the guards and setting the place on fire.
  • If you win the Iron Curtain in the middle of a game, Heavy murmurs "Goodbye, my love" and hugs her gently before leaving the table, dejected. Happily, you can give her back to him in Team Fortress 2.


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