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Tear Jerker / Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: What Came After

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  • Seeing Popplio's parents abuse him in Second Interlude could hit way too close to home. They don't physically hurt him, but it's clear they cause him emotional pain.
  • After Team Guile defeat an outlaw before Team Everlasting can, Riolu decides to get them back by finding out what job they want to complete and then doing it himself. His attempt fails and he is knocked unconscious. Team Guile, none the wiser, allow Alesia and Popplio to stay with him in their home until he recuperates. Riolu regains consciousness by morning, and the two teams spend some more time together. During this, it turns out that Steenee is working to send money home to her bedridden mother and infant sister. Riolu feels horrible about what he tried to do, so he pays the bill for the entire group at the diner they were at and hastily leaves.
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  • We learn in So Proud and So Brave that the shiny Braviary twin was attacked while trying to stop a would-be thief Eevee from running away, and as a result was left unable to fly.

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