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Tear Jerker / Pokémon False Red

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  • "These were his"
  • Dear Fire, here are his shoes. I'm sure that he would want you to have them. If you see him... tell him I miss him? From his Mom
  • What the old man says to Fire:
    I should be grateful to my long life. I just feel selfish. I'd give all my years to him if he were still alive.
  • Bill, the only person that's nice to Fire in the game turns out to be like everyone else and hates them too.
  • FIRE. Hated for something he/she has NO clue about, and worst of all, they don't even get a bittersweet ending for their struggle. But, it all depends on who you think Fire really is.
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  • After the credits, the game erases your save data, after the characters state they are fed up with you. All that work... and you still go down shunned and hated.
  • Hell, the game as a whole. Seeing such a happy staple in almost everyone's childhoods take on such a brutal atmosphere will leave even the sturdiest of people silent with shock.
  • Trying playing this game as a Nuzlocke! With the whole region hating you, you really appreciate your pokemon, who are your friends regardless. Which makes their deaths hit a lot harder since they're your only friends.


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