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Tear Jerker / Pokémon: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

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  • In the battle with Yveltal, Pikachu's tail is barely clipped by Oblivion Wing. So as they relish their apparent victory, Pikachu collapses. Ash scoops Pikachu up in his arms, and Pikachu ends up turning to stone, giving one last sad "Pika-pi..." before falling silent.
    • As Ash breaks down, Bonnie turns and hugs into Serena, and Clemont also averts his gaze. All the twerps were crying.
    • This is made even more saddening and somewhat ironic, given that this scene is essentially a role reversal of sixteen movies prior, when Pikachu and many others cried over Ash being petrified into stone after trying to stop Mew and Mewtwo from battling.
  • Xerneas begins spreading its energy through the ruined forest, and Pikachu returns to normal and revives. It restores everything and everyone petrified by Oblivion Wing, turning into a tree in the process. It says it is not death, but a rebirth, and a symbol of hope.