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Tear Jerker / Pokémon 3

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  • Everything Molly's been through even before the story of the film starts. Her mom is already gone at the start of the story and then her father disappears from her life too.
    Molly: Papa, what happened to you? (views the Unown tiles) They look just like letters. I can spell our names with the Unown. Papa and Mama. They're together with me.
    Spencer: (in Molly's mind) These are legendary Pokémon, Molly. And in this book, the artist imagined what some of them might look like. I'm like Entei, am I? Well, then I AM Entei! ROAR!
    Molly: (tears leaking out of her eyes) Papa, please come back...
    • Both main versions of the film present an upsetting reason for the disappearance of her mother. In the Japanese version her mother left her father because he was a workaholic obsessed with finding the Unown and was eventually hospitalized for an emotional and mental break. Whereas the US dub strongly implies that her mother disappeared because the Unown had something to do with it, hence the reason for why Spencer was so obsessed with researching them; he wanted to find his missing wife. One is distinctly more down-to-Earth, one more fantastical, but both are tragic and would be tear-inducing for a young child to go through.
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    • Molly creates a whole new fantasy world so she can have the things she wants most. The thing she wants most of all? Her mother.
  • When Delia Ketchum is kidnapped, Ash becomes very upset.
    Ash: She's gone! ...I couldn't save her!"
  • Entei's "death" scene is always guaranteed to bring on the waterworks.
    Entei: I must go now Molly.
    Molly: Entei, I'm gonna miss you.
    Entei: And I will miss you. Just keep me close, in your dreams... (Disappears into Light)
  • I Want Things Real Again, probably one of the most emotional tracks in Pokémon.
  • The end credits, in both Japanese and English. An emotional way to cap off an emotional film.

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