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Tear Jerker / Pod Taku

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  • What was the first announcement of the podcast ending toward the fans? ... an hour-long farewell video with no music and slowly-edited pacing, showcasing one by one each of the podcasters sadly addressing the viewer about how much they're miss it.
    • Just think of how the fans feel too! Before this video, there was NO SIGN that the podcast would end! It was just up and slapped onto their laps without any notice, and they have to deal with it now.
    • Tristan, the one who decided to end the podcast, is surprisingly the least torn up on the outside, yet his attempt to explain reasons for this move is still incredibly vague, even when his sequence lasts for half the video! He can't even bring himself to admit all of what actually went down.
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    • Fridge Sadness sets in once you realize that Tristan was part of a previous anime fan group Desu Desu Brigade that had their own podcast! ...another great moment in his life where he could share his interest in anime had to end again!

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