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Tear Jerker / Pocket God

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The Comic Book

  • Nooby has a crush on Sun, but when she starts a relationship with his best friend, Ooga, he starts to feel neglected by both. In issue 17, he stands by the shore and laments on his situation.
    Nooby: Sun only shine on Ooga. Maybe Nooby not handsome or footsome enough. Maybe Nooby ugly on outside and in. Maybe Nooby be alone forever and never...
  • Issues 18 and 19 revolve around the death of Teela. And by that we mean permanent death. Linsee accidentally shoots Teela with the laser cannon while the girls are mortal. Try as they might, the pygmies couldn't fix their Jewel of Life in time and Teela expires. The pygmies spend the rest of the issue preparing the funeral and coping with the first permanent death they ever had. At the funeral, the seaweed monster appears and tries to kill the pygmies; and actually succeeds in killing Sun. However, when all seems lost, Teela and Sun appear alive and well at the last minute with the laser cannon. Turns out the Jewel of Life was fixed, but needed time to recharge.
    • The cover for issue 18 is incredibly sad. The pygmies are at the funeral with the deceased in the center of the page. Everyone looks devastated.
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    • Linsee is taking Teela's death the hardest because her irresponsibility and selfishness led to Teela's manslaughter. She's so distraught, she wishes she was dead and Sun has to talk to her to help her cope.
    • Klik is also taking it hard. He was Teela's best friend and intellectual equal. There were even hints of romance between them. He and Linsee meet up to talk about Teela and share their pain. At the funeral, he says that Teela was the only pygmy he ever had a real connection with.
  • Issue 25 is the saddest issue of the entire series. Nooby, the heart of the tribe and a fan favorite, is killed for good when Newbie uses the Gem of Death on him. Nooby actually breaks character and starts speaking coherently in the last moments of his life; giving a heartfelt goodbye to his friends before expiring. The rest of the captured pygmies look at the Gem of Life in hopes that Nooby would respawn as normal. When he doesn't, they are devastated.

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