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Tear Jerker / Platypus Comix

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Electric Wonderland

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  • Amara endures a number of depressing incidents in "Freewheeling", especially when she discovers that the time she became a popular trendsetter was All Just a Dream. Peter boasts in the Keiki archive that people called this the best comic he made up to that point, but doesn't explicitly say why.
  • Darcy's rant about the media's romanticization of vampires in "Twilight Princess" includes a lament about the fact she can never have a romantic relationship with the mortal Beefer. "Love Stinks (Yeah Yeah)", released three years later, reveals that both Darcy and Beefer continue to hold romantic feelings for one another, but doubt that they can even see each other again.

Princess Pi

Free Spirit

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Miscellaneous Comics



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