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Tear Jerker / Pilot

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  • Artman's entire past. His creator was murdered by the OB mafia, traumatizing him, and on top of that, he was separated from his siblings. Poor baby.
  • Vangel became this after Jay and Vendetta's fight. Poor kid was almost clobbered by a trained assassin who has smashed in the faces of robots using the same hand he was about to hit him with. He also saw his own father get beaten so badly that his face was bleeding. Vendetta's extremely cruel dialogue also caused a significant amount of mental trauma for him, to the point of gaining a new hallucination based off Vendetta. This hallucination, known as Feud, exists solely to cause him pain and suffering, and it's entirely possible that, even if they somehow made up, Feud wouldn't go away. And to put the cherry right on top of the suffering Sunday, he may even now believe that his own parents don't love him and just see him as an endless source of affection.
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  • Vendetta leads a pretty sad existence when you sit down and think about him. He's a happy enough man, but only when he's with Mahogany. He's stoic and well adjusted... but only when he's around Mahogany. Vendetta doesn't have a very high opinion of himself. He's made it clear that the one and only thing he cares about is his ability to keep Miss Mahogany safe from harm. Even if she hated him and abused him, he would probably still serve her until the day he died, and not utter a single complaint. Even though he has two doting -if not flawed- parents and a younger brother who just wants to be his friend, they don't matter to him because they're not a part of his mission. He's obviously harboring more than his fair share of mental issues and emotional scars, but he doesn't tell anyone about them for some reason or another. Even disregarding his sociopathic traits, how does a man so young (he's only twenty-seven), become so emotionally hollow? Our only clues come from Deo's friend Sigma, who says that Vendetta had a twin sister who was killed when they were younger.
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  • Yesman in general. He was happy enough, but then his mother figure committed suicide, leaving him to run the circus on his own, along with leaving him deeply scarred by it. Because of this, he developed Autophobia, the fear of being left alone. Seeking a solution to it, he had the idea of converting humans into robots, so that they would never have to "leave." However, after he did this, his best friend, Hocus, instantly hated him, thus leaving him confused as to what he did wrong.
  • Hocus doesn't have it very well, either. Before, he only had one personality. However, Mary thought that he should show a little more emotion, so she asked his creator, Dr. Sankaran, to add onto his AI so he would be more "alive". While Mary did not want this done out of malice, his creator added a second AI to him, thus causing him constant inner turmoil.

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