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Tear Jerker / Peter and the Wolf

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  • Not actually from Peter and the Wolf itself, but one particular adaptation (the one narrated by Sting and featuring those Uncanny Valley puppets) that included two other compositions by Sergey Prokofiev set in the same continuity of "Peter and the Wolf". The second act (thankfully, the only one without puppets), titled "The Haunting", is set to "Overture On Hebrew Themes", and features Peter and his grandfather in the winter following the events of the famous story. Peter thinks he sees a group of elderly musicians outside their home, which causes his grandfather to reminisce about his youth, thinking about old friends who are implied to be long since deceased. A sad enough sequence as it is, but then it gets worse. The grandfather then sees the musicians and recognizes them as the very friends he was reminiscing about. He greets them and they have a hearty reunion... and then, suddenly, his friends are youthful again and celebrating, far too overwhelming for the grandfather to keep up with them. Just as suddenly, they are elderly again, playing somber music. The camera zooms in on the grandfather's bewildered expression, and then, as it zooms out again, the musicians are gone, and he is all alone in the cold winter night. The implication, of course, is that the grandfather's friends really were long since deceased after all, and what he and Peter had seen that night were their ghosts. Add in the somber score of "Overture On Hebrew Themes", and you have one very depressing tale that sends shivers down your spine.
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  • The Disney version has one as well as when Peter, Sasha, and Ivan all believe their friend, Sonia, was eaten by the wolf and imagine her with a halo entering heaven while waving goodbye to her friends. Later, we see Sasha grieving over his friend where she was supposedly eaten, which thankfully takes a happy turn when it's revealed that Sonia actually escaped the wolf's clutches at the last second and is alive.
  • In the 2006 version, the entire setting is bleak in rundown town, in the middle of winter and Peter is seen to have no friends except for the animals he helps. And then he witness his friend the duck get eaten by the wolf.

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