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Tear Jerker / Peter Pan (1954)

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  • The Cut Song "When I Went Home", reinstated for NBC's 2014 adaptation, has Peter recall when he learned firsthand that You Can't Go Home Again. He returned to his parents' house one night, expecting them to welcome him inside, then ask where exactly he went. Instead, he found the doors and windows barred, and another boy sleeping in his bed.
  • The Distant Finale when Peter comes back to take Wendy to Neverland again, only to find her grown up. He frantically tries to deny the obvious, but then falls to his knees sobbing. Fortunately, this is followed by a happy Heartwarming Moment as Jane wakes up and befriends him just like her mother did, but the sad fact remains that Wendy can never go back to Neverland.


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