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Tear Jerker / Penumbra

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  • Red's death. Made even worse when you find his home, showing he was suicidal, and a note written 30 years ago when he first became trapped in the mine. What makes the note extremely Tear-Jerking is that after the date and writer, " Tom Redwood, DD/MM/YY," the last page has nothing more than two words: Age 14.
    • And in the same room, you can find scribblings on the wall. Among these, you can read "Get out of my head", "Red is dead", "Nobody to TALK to", "Let me die PLEASE !!"... Poor Red.
    • A letter which doesn't appear in the game, but which can be found in the booklet for the Penumbra Soundtrack collection, makes this ten times more gut-wrenching. 14-year old Tom Redwood wished he could spend a long time locked out of the world with his books as company...
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  • Philip suffered through this nightmare from begining to end. He dies alone using the last of his strength to send a warning to the outside world.
  • Poor poor Doctor Amabel.


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