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Tear Jerker / Pendulum

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  • "Crush", the music video is about a man who murders his girlfriend and is overcome with guilt about it.
    Well, the nightmares I've been having have arrived
    They're changing my future
    Signs of my creation at my door.
    How could you do this to her?
  • "Comprachicos". Full stop. The song is about a child with Abusive Parents that end up drowning the child.
  • "Encoder". Need we say more.
  • "Witchcraft". The song is about a guy coming home finding his girlfriend brutally maimed/murdered.
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  • "9000 Miles" is thought to be about Rob Swire missing his hometown of Perth, Australia, which is around 9000 miles from his current base of operations in London, England. Rob's voice is both incredibly tearjerking and utterly awesome.

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