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Tear Jerker / Overlord (2012)

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Whenever the series isn't making you shudder in fear, you'll probably be finding yourself reaching for the nearest cloth to wipe the tears out of your eyes.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

In General

  • Ainz's lifestyle in as a whole is one big train wreck in general when you realize that he had no friends and family; not even a girlfriend. All he had was the guild he and his online friends created and basically dedicated his life towards it with the money he made as a salary man. The feels don't start until you find out that his guild eventually disbanded save for a few individuals and during the game's final day before shutting down for good, only 3 of the 41 members of his old friends even bothered showing up because he requested them to do so. While it's understandable to the readers, for someone like Ainz who lived for YGGDRASIL, one can only imagine how depressed he felt.
    • It gets worse when you finally learn the kind of world Ainz left behind. In a world of horrid pollution, brutal capitalist oppression of the lower classes, corporate assassinations and DMMO-RPGs being considered a preferable alternative to reality, Ainz Ooal Gown was likely Satoru's one and only joy in life as a Salaryman, a position already in real life considered to be soul crushing. To have it all slip away shows that in the end of Yggdrasil, the man who would become Ainz had truly lost just about everything.
      • This is further reinforced by small details regarding how he 'takes care' of himself. Apparently, his diet consist of flavored protein shakes supplemented by vitamin pills. Really, this is not living, this is domestication.
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    • Crosses into Heartwarming territory, but the moment just after Shalltear's resurrection shows how much he misses his fellow Guild Members: when the other Guardians start berating Shalltear for her betrayal, Ainz sits back and lightly chuckles as he sees the shadows of his former comrades in place of the Floor Guardians. Ainz sees each of them as a part of his old friends, which drives home even further just how close they all were to each other, and just how much Ainz misses them.
  • Ulbert's life is arguably even worse! He was born into the lower class and the laws of the world of 2138 are set up so that the poor can never rise out of their poverty no matter what. His parents died in a work related accident and he received nearly nothing in compensation and was only able to get an elementary school education, which is only enough to become a corporate slave. Living in such a bleak world with no way to improve his situation, it's easy to see why he's such a misanthrope. The world kicked him down before he even had the chance to stand up.
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  • Climb's entire life is just one big tragedy. Whenever something good does come his way, he winds up paying a big price for it later, all through no fault of his own.
  • The denizens of Nazarick are mostly a bunch of depraved monsters, but it's hard not to pity them for their abandonment issues. One of the reasons they are so loyal to Momonga is precisely because he did not abandon them unlike the other Supreme Beings. Even Demiurge is rather pitiable since he is terrified of the prospect of being left without a Supreme Being to serve. In episode 11, Albedo tearfully breaks down when a thoughtless remark from Ainz gives her the impression that he will also abandon them.
  • As recently revealed in Vol 13, Bellriver learned some information about the Megacorporations that ruled the world Ainz originally came from, which they did not want anyone to know. For that alone he was assassinated to keep his lips sealed which gives you a hint that maybe he didn't quit the game and would have remained with Momonga. Because of corporate greed, Momonga lost a friend and worse he comes to believe he was abandoned by said friend.
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  • During Nazarick Mythology it is shown that despite his loyalty to Ainz, all what Demiurge truly wishes for is for his creator, Ulbert, to return one day. One of the cruelest and most sadistic beings in the tomb just wants to be reunited with his creator.
Volume 7

Volume 9

Volume 10

  • There's a brief mention of how Satoru grew up without a father's love, which is one of the reasons he wants Aura and Mare to have parental figures.

Volume 13

  • Now Remedios Custodio is neither the most sympathetic nor likeable character but by the end of the war, she has lost her queen, sister, the respect of her superiors and possibly her sanity. She is exhibiting signs of severe PTSD and has a haunted, unsteady look in her eye.


  • In Episode 10 of Season 2, while Sebas and Demiurge argue about Tuare, Ainz has a flashback to their creators, Touch Me and Ulbert Alain Odle, who are bickering over what loot to farm. Ainz starts laughing loudly, exclaiming that they could use a little bickering, until his emotions are suppressed, leaving him to bitterly say "Tch, inhibited, huh?" Even when Ainz wants to laugh, he can't, due to him being a Lich.

Bonus Volume

  • Keno Fasris Invern has been living alone for years, with only zombies of her countrymen as company, before she meets Suzuki.

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