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Tear Jerker / Onmyōji

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2016 video game

The game's story is a fairly light-on-the-stomach action fantasy despite a serious tone, but beneath that, things get surprisingly dark, tragic and scary once you've done enough digging.
  • Characters are frequently screwed over by the powers that be and those rebelling against that to do the right thing receive horrible punishments. For one, Seimei is literally not allowed to be a good person, and when he goes to any length, including force, to remain morally righteous, he loses his memory, triggers a near apocalypse and gets branded an unforgivable sinner.
  • Susabi's backstory, a prime example of Humans Are Bastards. He was sent to work his godly powers for a village of Ungrateful Townsfolk who collectively abused him one his powers ran out, turning him permanently jaded and nihilistic.
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  • The story of Himiko and Yōhime (aka. Takiyasha-hime). Everything they hold dear is destroyed on the happiest day of their lives and the beloved queen loses her mind, trapping the entire castle in a "Groundhog Day" Loop where only the two of them have Ripple-Proof Memory, making Yōhime suffer for decades watching everyone she knew and loved reenacting their last day as mindless dolls.

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