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Tear Jerker / 101 Dalmatians

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What other media makes its characters feel guilty for expecting kids?

The 1961 Disney animated film

  • The scene where Pongo comforts a frightened Perdita, who was hiding from Cruella under a kitchen stove and worrying over the idea of having puppies (since Cruella was desiring to take them away, to say the least). This becomes even more heartwrenching when Perdita sadly laments that she wishes she wasn’t having any puppies and then breaks into tears as Pongo gives her a calm kiss. "Poor Perdita. Of course, she had no choice," said Pongo in narration afterwards.
  • The quiet moments when it looks like one of Pongo and Perdita's pups died.
  • Perdita lying in the basket of her puppies after they are kidnapped.
  • The Nanny's screams of anguish when the puppies are stolen by Jasper and Horace.
    Nanny: I bet they made off with the good silver! Why, I bet they took every last... (sees the empty basket and starts panicking) Oh! The puppies! The puppies! They're gone! Patch? Lucky? Rolly? Oh, they took the puppies! Oh, whatever will I do?! Those scoundrels! They stole the puppies!
    (Nanny goes out onto the street)
    Nanny: Police?! Help! The puppies! Police! SOMEBODY HELP ME! (start crying)
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  • The scene of Pongo and Perdy making their way through the snow, with Pongo counting out the puppies, with Lucky half-frozen bringing up the rear.
  • When they get to the barn, Rolly (in a Call-Back) starts begging Perdita for food. Not too bad...until all the puppies start doing it. Then the cows volunteer their milk, changing sad tears into Tears of Joy.
  • The emotion in the barking when Pongo was trying to get the word out about his puppies. If you Imagine him simply saying "Someone took my kids, please help" it's terrible.


The Live Action Remake

  • The Adult Fear that ensues when Pongo and Perdita, while walking with their humans, sense something is wrong and run back home. Roger and Anita run after them, only to find Perdita sadly sitting in the basket where her puppies were. They were too late by mere minutes.
  • Then Pongo and Perdita run away from home, leaving Roger and Anita frantic. Nanny can only tell the worried couple that they're looking for the puppies. During the conversation, Anita finds her drawing of the Dalmatian coat and realizes that Cruella did take their puppies, to skin them.
  • The police on Anita's terrifying Eureka Moment conduct a raid on Cruella's house. They find the illegal furs she's purchased, but no puppies. All they can do is reassure Anita and Roger that they'll do all they can to save the little ones.
  • When Lucky Is initially left behind, he's desperately clawing at the door and wimpering while Skinner slowly advances on him... Until the terrier bites Skinner in the rear.


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