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Tear Jerker / 1bit Heart

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"Don't look at me. Don't worry! Don't care. Don't look. Don't acknowledge! ...That's what would make me happiest..."

There are quite a few sad moments in this game.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Just about anything related to Akuta. The first thing he says when he's introduced is that he wants to commit suicide and that he feels unloved, even by his own fans.
  • Yasune's sidequest. She has Nanashi look for her cat, Shizuko, who wandered out of the house. He and Hakuhi find her by a tree taking care of a kitten... and is slowly dying. In her final moments, all she did was look after the kitten. Yasune's sidequest ends with her taken in the kitten and giving Nanashi her old cat's collar.
  • The Game Over music.
  • This exchange during the true ending.
    Nanashi: Can I... laugh?
    Misane: Yes.
    Nanashi: Can I yell?
    Misane: Yes.
    Nanashi: (voice cracking) Well... can I... cry...?
    Misane: Yes.

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