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Tear Jerker / Oddbods

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Even though it's mainly a fun Singaporean-British cartoon for kids and adults, Oddbods is never afraid to tug at some of our heartstrings or even make you feel bad for them at times.

  • In "The Last Laugh", the usually cheerful Pogo gets saddened when his friends refuse to show up to his birthday party (due to him pulling pranks on them the day before) and even looks at several of the photos on his bedroom wall. While including him being nice to his friends as his way of apologizing for his pranks, this episode shows that Pogo truly cares for his friends deep down.

  • In "Trainer Wrecked" (Episode 40, Season 2), Slick gets forced to do several tasks from Fuse's Boot Camp, even at one point where Sergeant Fuse got a glare at Slick (while the poor orange Oddbod is showing big sad or frightened eyes). After Slick takes a nap from that training Fuse put him through, you just want to hug the poor orange Oddbod.