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Tear Jerker / New Avengers (2015)

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  • In Issue 3, Toni asks POD if she can speak to Aikku, because POD is the only one who ever speaks to everyone so Toni wants to make sure Aikku is okay.
    POD: User Status: Not okay.
    Toni: Why not?
    POD: We are we. We are together. But. We are alone. Playback: Darja Vollun. 08/05/15. English translation.
    Recording: I can't do this, Aikku. I—I just can't. I can't. You're some—some alien thing now. You're not human, and—and I don't love you anymore. I'm sorry.
    POD: Alone. Not okay. Not okay.
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  • Issue 15. POD is destroyed, as she didn't have enough power to heal both Aikku and herself after getting badly damaged in the previous issue. So the defence system sacrificed herself to save the operator.
    Aikku: I cannot find her, Toni, I cannot hear her in my head! Pod... Pod is gone!


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