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Tear Jerker / Namesake

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  • The tale of the Dorothies.
  • Warrick's backstory, which ends with his mother dead, being alienated from his sister, and him Walking the Earth to search for Ozma.
  • Scarecrow's death.
  • Fred being dismissed from the deck, because Elaine's powers made him too human. As pointed out by the creators, the Scissormen don't kill dismissed cards despite having an incentive to do so, so in a way this is quite merciful. But the Scissorman decides to literally add insult to injury by belittling Fred for his "corruption" and how "useless" he is because of it. Fred is visibly heartbroken at being cut off from his roots, but won't let anyone comfort him, and spends the rest of the day in mournful silence, a shadow of his usual enthusiastic self. When he finally can't hold it in anymore, he snaps and screams at Elaine not to call him Fred because that isn't his name. Which is more heartbreaking: Watching our bubbly, wide-eyed friend completely lose it; seeing him try to reject his humanity because of what it cost him; or how much the loss must be hurting him to make him feel that way?
  • Chapter 21 gives us several:
    • Bird's reaction to Banshee calling her by her real name and trying to help her is to break down in tears.
    • The look of heartbreak on Banshee's face in this panel as Trinket screams at her for betraying the Rippers. As one commenter put it, "Banshee's look seems to me the epitome of a healer's heartbreak... wanting to save them all, knowing they can't all be saved, knowing some don't want to be saved... and loving them all anyway."
  • Elaine's letters to her dad.
  • Wendy in the Ghost of the Past holiday story.

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