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Tear Jerker / Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~

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For when you just can't stop yourself from crying about the disaster of dating humanified dolls and losing yourself.

  • The reunion of Red and Eri, where Eri keeps losing her memory but still runs off to find Red, and the guilt that he feels about it.
  • The montage in Red's route, showing him remaining at Eri's side and going through the same motions every day, to see if she remembers anything and to help her pass the day, just for her memories to disappear the next day. Couples as a Heartwarming moment, but is nonetheless also very sad. Mostly because it's not working.
  • Any memory or talk of Eri, talking about how lonely she was in the big house after her grandfather died.
  • When Eri swears to Nameless that she'll never abandon him, since we all know that they do end up apart for a long time.
  • The entire Secret route from Nameless' perspective. Especially when Nameless gets picked up by the grandfather and put onto a shelf in his room, now merely a memento of his granddaughter's childhood.
  • When Yuri talks to Tei and you realize that Tei is just as oblivious that Eri likes him as she is about his feelings, and that's part of why he's distancing himself.
  • On Lance's route, Eri runs after him when it rains heavily and she finds him in the street, staring at a thrown-away barbie doll. And then Lance talks about how horrible he feels over being a Blank Slate doll, admitting his fear of Eri abandoning or getting tired of him in the long run.
  • Eri finds Yeonho at school in the rain during his overly clingy stage. Since Eri wasn't answering his texts, he became convinced she was abandoning him and was waiting to disappear.
  • When Eri goes to the amusement park with Tei, he breaks down while on the Ferris wheel with her, hiding his face and saying he doesn't know how to handle himself. It's the first time Tei willingly shows Eri the damaged, insecure person behind his mask, and his fear of hurting her is palpable. His voice actor does an incredible job communicating the emotion in this scene, which makes it all the more heartbreaking.

Alternative Title(s): Nameless