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Tear Jerker / Nack and Psycho

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This page is to show the saddest moments in the Nack and Psycho series.

Spoilers Off applies to all Tear Jerker pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Whenever someone close to Nack dies or looks to be dying, he can't help but scream his Big "NO!" in terror.
  • In the adaption of Conker's Bad Fur Day, it's not just Berri that dies in the alternate world, but also the AU bounty hunter friends (AU Nic as well) AU Nack of that universe and Psycho had cherished being killed within the alternate world.
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  • Batula's death in the AU world could count as well. It even made the author writing cry.
  • Pew the Rat's backstory on why he was the cold, bitter rat he becomes: The reason for the way he was was due to his being raised by his horrid captain when he was younger, the Order of Ixis, and even Lyric himself. Cruel as he may be, but he had to go through all of this and have his sight taken to gain immortality while being lied to all those years. Is it any wonder that he deserves a hug?
  • While Long John Silver's methods on what he does are questionable, his feelings for Swiper and even his rival Cutlass Lily are both genuine and even sweet. This makes his Heroic Sacrifice to save Swiper, once he finally breaks out of Pew's hypnosis, all the more painful and depressing.
  • During the Legends Adaptation, Past!Pew dies in nearly the same way he is defeated in his own show. However, it becomes heartbreaking that this Pew had grown from the grumpy rat with no heart to being one of the Freelancers' closest friends and having the staff corrupting him so bad, Nack, Batula, and Jane Mercy Kill him with Betemesis, witnessing his death, pleading and begging him not to die before his body vanishes.
    • It gets worse: Once Pew's physical body vanishes, Betemesis is lied to by Lyric on how Pew wanted one or the other's memories erased if either one die. Heartbroken, she complies with Allegro, by Lyric's orders, erasing both her and the soul Pew's memories. The former of all her life while the latter of the actual events of the gang in the past's involvements erased.
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    • It later becomes Tears of Joy once Present!Pew and Betemesis, despite no memories of each other, reunite in a touching moment.
  • During the adaptation of Bendy and the Ink Machine, it's revealed that The Great Septarian Purge was caused by Mordred Hood during another one of his and Rasticore's fighting (by tossing a pepper of his into a time vortex while traveling in time), prompting Rasticore to take his vengeance on Mordred, believing it was his fault that not only did he lose his arm and eye (twice) because of him, but brought his species to near extinction.
    • Then, when he discovers Mordred's scars from his dad, Mordred, upon believing Rasticore not caring, angrily in tears departs while snapping at him for being a pain to him during their times together.
    • Later on, Mordred tries to kill Rasticore after being manipulated by Evil!Alice, Devimon, and Solego. After having the Septarian trapped in a corrupted Kabuterimon's hand, almost choking him, Rasticore, after giving him a bit of room to breathe, says the one thing that stuns him: Rasticore saying that he's sorry with a tear in his eye.
    • Near the end of the 3rd chapter adaptation, as the elevator falls, Rasticore, after apologizing and stating he'll probably never be brothers with Mordred again, removes his robotic arm and shoves Mordred with Boris out of the elevator as the elevator is smashed to pieces. Mordred becomes heartbroken as he with Boris, after learning from Solego about killing his mother, gets dragged into the darkness, a fearful and crying Mordred calling out one thing before the chapter ends:
    Mordred: *as he gets pulled to the darkness in tears* "RASTICOOOOOORE!!".
    • Rasticore's guilt at the adaptation of Chapter 5 has him remorseful, stating he should've been nicer to Mordred and that the events that caused Mordred to start losing his sanity was all his fault, wishing for a way to save Mordred.
    • Sarah and True!Bendy's goodbye hug before he shoves her through the time portal, saving her from dying alongisde both sides of Bendy and Henry from the sealing and somewhat implied time loop.
  • In the story, "Daydreams and Nightmares", it's revealed during one of the nightmares that Toffee's hatred of magic comes from the fact that the queen's magic killed his and Rasticore's parents, revealing his tragedy and his reason to hate magic in the depressing way.
    • Once the nightmares are vanquished, Toffee, of all people, finally opens up his feelings to Grim Matchstick, stating that if magic destroyed meant those he cared would die alongside, then he wouldn't want it. It becomes touching when both Grim and Toffee, during the talk, hug it out.
  • In the adaptation of The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus, the Freelancers and Immortals with Grim witness, to their horror, the Septarians (Kandy included) being seemingly killed by the Great Dragon (though Septarians usually regenerate from a single cell though none of them knew this fact). Grim (and Mordred) becomes saddened upon losing the ones that, despite them enemies, sees as family. His heart shatters when he nearly tries to take revenge on the Great Dragon for what he does.
  • In the Back to the Toon Future three part story, when destroying the almanac that caused their Bad Future, Nack and Nic both learn the hard way that by destroying the almanac, their parents, who were killed in their normal timeline, cease to exist. Nack becomes heartbroken upon realizing this before he and Nic are told by their fading parents that they are proud to see their children fixing the timeline and have friends before they finally fade out of existence, leading to Nack to speak that it wasn't fair in sadness.

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