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Tear Jerker / Nabari no Ou

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  • Episode 18
    Yoite: Save me...I don't want to die...I want to disappear...Please erase...My existence...and every thing that I've lived...Because I never existed from the beginning...
  • The final scene of the anime.
  • Chapter 50, combined with Heartwarming Moments. Even the author cried while drawing that chapter.
    • The immediate aftermath of Chapter 50. The pain Yukimi is obviously going through can be rather wrenching to read - the same goes for Miharu's reaction, especially his Not So Stoic breakdown. "I didn't want to erase that person's existence... because I wanted us to live together... so why did I choose this..." "If that person's memories or remembrance were left, I would surely... not be able to live..." And then he claws at his throat. And bursts into tears.
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  • Chapter 61 is both this and a Heartwarming Moment.
  • The final chapter of the manga. The color pages in the middle of the chapter with Miharu finally reuniting with Yoite are just plain heartwrenching.
  • Raimei's reaction when Kouichi dies. And on that note, Shijima's last words to Miharu:
    Shijima: Take care of granny.
  • The second ending of the anime, which features Miharu and Yoite doing cute things like sleeping on each other's shoulders at a train station and holding hands in a grassy field, all set to a mellow, nostalgic-sounding tune. On its own it's very sweet, but in the context of the show it becomes heartbreaking.


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