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Tear Jerker / Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet

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  • Ian might act like a dick most of the time, but it's clear that being rejected by Brendan when he tries to reconnect hits him really hard. Even more so considering the fact that he is genuinely remorseful about unmasking him at the convention.
  • "A Dark Quiet Death" tracks a Creator Couple as the clash between the need to make art and run a business breaks down what had once been a very happy marriage.
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  • The quarantine episode. Poppy is show working feverishly on creating a vaccine to Blood Ocean, and continues to do so even after she's finished and told by both David and Ian to stop. A worried Ian then tries to video call Poppy, and discovers that she's not handling the lockdown well at all, bursting into tears and telling him that, if she doesn't work, all she's stuck with is her loneliness. It does lead to one of the biggest moments of Heartwarming for the series though, as Ian goes to her apartment to comfort her.

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