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Tearjerker / Mysticons

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A disgrace to the Mysticons…

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    Episode 1: Sisters in Arms 

    Episode 6: Heart of Gold 
  • This story centers on Emerald's contentious relationship with her father Malachite, an engineer at a rural mine. He's so upset with her for leaving their "boring" village to have adventures in the big city that he says she's not a real engineer. The look in her eyes as she tears up sells the scene, getting her to resent Malachite and run away. Then she hears he's in danger, and desperately tries to clear away the rocks blocking the cave-in.

    Episode 7: Scourge of the Seven Skies 
  • This episode is the beginning of a two-part Drama Bomb storyline. Zarya rejoins her old Sky Pirate pals the Pink Skulls because she's upset at the other Mysticons for (correctly) suspecting them in a series of robberies. She makes things worse by seemingly joining in the Skulls' attack on the Mysticons, even though she soon realizes the pirates have been Evil All Along and sabotages their plans as best she can. It all leads to a Cliffhanger Downer Ending in which Arkayna denounces her as "a disgrace to the Mysticons" and tells her to Get Out!. Piper can't even bring herself to forgive her beat friend, and Zarya is left breaking down, crying.
    • What makes the scene worse is that if you look closely, you see the other Mysticons leaving. Considering that Zarya said earlier that the sandstorm would "shred them to bits", they are essentially leaving Zarya alone in a potentially dangerous environment.

    Episode 8: Lost and Found 
  • Picking up where the above episode left off, this story will also give you all the feels.
    • Zarya's leaves a note of apology to the others that is short, but sad.
    Arkayna: [reading Zarya's note] I messed up. It's my fault we lost the dragon disk. I wish I'd been a better Mysticon. I wish I'd been a better friend. Hugs, kisses, and all that, Zarya.
    • Piper has a nightmare revolving around her first meeting with Zarya, and the latter isn't there when she goes looking for her comfort.
    • Zarya finally comes back to the Mysticons, only to see Piper being swallowed by a diamondback cave worm, who goes into a lava pit, with everyone believing Piper to be still inside it. She isn't, but Zarya has time to admit how badly she needs her friends before Piper returns.

    Episode 9: The Astromancer Job 
  • "The Astromancer Job" shows that Necrafa wasn't just Dreadbane's queen, but his lover. It's understandable that he wants so badly to bring her back now.

  • When Zarya is hit by Tazma's curse, Em blames herself for most of the episode because she hesitated, allowing Tazma to put the curse on Zarya.
  • The Mysticons losing Arkayna's parents in the ocean, as well as the codex to Kymwa.
  • In the episode "Clash of the Tridents", They see the light from the tracker Arkayna put on her parents, but when they get there, the parents aren't there.
  • Dreadbane finally brings Necrafa back... only for her to throw him into her former prison as punishment for not freeing her sooner.
  • Zarya, Kitty, and Kasey were forced to become sky pirates when they were younger, and the captain (Captain Kaos) used personal mementos to force them to do as he says. When they finally escaped, they had to leave their momentos behind, including a necklace that Zarya had to remember her mom.
    • It also shows in the episode how it still affects them. Kasey stopped acting confident as soon as he saw Captain Kaos, and when Emerald described Captain Chaos, Zarya dropped her controller and froze up.
  • In episode 20, it turns out Arkanya had a twin sister, but she was taken away by the head member of the council and her mother's memory was wiped of the second child. Arkanya's anger when finding this out is one of the saddest scenes in the show especially when you remember her mother's mind was erased of ever having twins and her father was away so he never knew she had twins. For all those years, her mother was under the assumption she only had one child.
    • It's hard not to feel bad for Nova Terron to. He was given orders and knew he had to do it to protect the realm, but he felt guilty about it, to the point where when Arkayna said that she will no longer work with him after the mission, Nova Terron was left alone.
  • Arkayna being turned to stone in "Edge of Two Morrows". Piper made the wish so her and her friends could be safe, but that decision led one of her friends being turned to stone. Emerald becomes so upset that she eventually leaves to go back to Rudick's hollow.
    • The reason why Piper made the wish is also a tearjerker. She was stressed from the city being on alert for Necrafa, and then the others were caught by Tazma, and Piper was the only one free. Arkayna even asked for her help, and Piper tried but failed to hold on to her.
  • Proxima learning that she's not the twin.
  • Zarya learning that Arkayna isn't as excited about being her twin. They talk it out later, but it's clear that Zarya was hurt learning of Arkayna's reaction.
    Zarya: Forget it. I never needed family before and I don't need it now.
  • Proxima being corrupted by the mask, which uses her feelings of hurt over thinking she had found her family to drive her to revenge. Even acting like a mother to the Vexicons seems to be from a desire to have a family.
  • In "Monster Hunt", Piper goes camping with just Choko, Zarya having made plans with Arkayna the day of their annual camping trip. Piper tries to convince herself she'll have fun without Zarya, but starts crying.
  • season 2 episode 18 dread bane having turned good dies and his last act is restoring the king and queen
    • Also, Arkayna saying that she's given up hope that her parents would be revived, and admitting that she stopped writing letters to her mom.
    Zarya: What about all those letters you write to her?
    Arkayna: I haven't written in ages. I'm moving on, Z. You should to.
  • Arkayna getting jealous of how quickly Zarya and Queen Goodfey are bonding.
  • Eartha is used as a shield and as a projectile by her "sisters". When she announces her Heel–Face Turn by refusing to destroy the dragon eggs, they blast her and call her a weak link.


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