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Tear Jerker / My Roommate is a Cat

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  • Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, but episode 3 revolves around Subaru coming to terms with his parents' death and their love for him. This was after Haru starts jumping wildly around and accidentally knocking over a few things relating to his parents which draws Subaru's attention towards them. Once we get to Haru's perspective it turns out she was jumping around because she was seeing the ghosts of Subaru's parents, who thank the cat for helping their son move on before they fade away from the Earth.
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  • In episode 11, it's implied that his parents' trip to Tokushima was planned because of him specifically. This leads to the realization that all of parents' efforts to try and get him to go on their trips was because they chose those spots for him to enjoy. This leads to Subaru breaking down in tears as he realizes how little he appreciated his parents.

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