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Tear Jerker / My Monster Secret

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For a romantic comedy, this series doesn't lack for tearful moments.

  • Chapter 128 we have Shiho's failed declaration of love. Knowing that Asahi is in a relationship with Youko, Shiho declares her love with tears nearly coming out of her eyes. Then, Asahi realizes it, but doesn't respond. Shiho tells that she was glad to be in love with him.
  • Chapter 145 is unusually sad, with Asahi realizing that he has neither words nor gesture of comfort to give to Mikan, who is crying on his chest. Because he knows he's the reason she's crying in the first place.
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  • Chapter 158 is even sadder: Asahi realizes that Future Aizawa's goal isn't to change/disrupt his relationship with Youko, but to save the trio's friendship; Aizawa and Asahi still had lingering feelings for each other, which lead to Aizawa distancing herself from the others to avoid the problems this caused. When he finally puts it all together, Asahi starts crying — and worse, the big tip-off was the fact that Future Aizawa started crying when she saw Youko — she missed her best friend.
  • Chapter 159 delivers a very tearful moment between Aizawa and Youko. Indeed, they spent a friendly night together, talking about their future, but when Aizawa realizes what is about her future, Youko realizes it and she cries, making it a very unusual moment from them, since both cried.
  • Chapter 162. This chapter is 'extremely' tear jerking since Aizawa departs for home. The characters were 'trying' to not to cry at that announcement.
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  • Chapter 176-7. After having it hang over the entire series, we finally get to see what it is that destroyed Genjirou's trust in humans: he lost control of his vampire powers, bit a chunk out of Touko's neck, and turned into a giant black bat-creature in front of his classmates. His friends called him a monster and ran, and he was forced to drop out of school just days short of graduating. And making matters worse, we now know that Asahi was there trying to help Genjirou, only to ultimately fail.
  • Chapter 178 finally reveals the full extent of Rin's Bad Future, beyond the goofy gags about it being a world dominated by perverts: She came back in time because Youko suffered the same kind of breakdown as her father and disappeared, never to be seen again. A broken-hearted Asahi seemingly gave up until Akane brought him an orphaned vampire baby, later confirmed to be his and Youko's daughter born from blood-sucking. Even though he put on a brave face to raise his child, he still spent fifty years mourning the loss of his one true love. Likewise, his daughter grew up never knowing her own mother, which is what Rin wanted to change. And the worst part is, she can't; even if she helps save this timeline's Youko, the tragedies in her timeline already happened and are set in stone.
    • This last point is mitigated — slightly — by the end of the series, where Rin discovers that the Charismatic Pervert II is the runaway Youko and rescues her, bringing her back to Asahi. They can't reclaim the decades they lost, but at the very least they're together now. It's not perfect, but it's the best she could do given how time travel works in this series.

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