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Tear Jerker / My Little Pony 'n Friends

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  • Draggle's status as an Inept Mage, which makes Hydia and Reeka pick on her and declare her useless. Even the ponies feel for her.
  • When Ahgg, Hydia's giant spider monster blocks them from getting back into Flutter Valley with the Sun Stone (meaning the Valley is doomed), Queen Rosedust, who's normally a composed high queen, sheds tears and laments the loss of their home. It's just... heartwrenching to see someone realize their home is being destroyed and losing hope that it can be saved.
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  • Shady feeling that she can't do anything right in "The Glass Princess."
  • Posey crying over her dying garden in "Fugitive Flowers". Seeing how much love and care she put into it, only to have plants she thought were beautiful nearly kill all of her garden is heartbreaking.
  • The penguin king breaking down into uncontrolled sobs after accidentally freezing his son. A villain he may be, but he still had enough of a heart to love Edgar.
    • And tears of joy this time when it's shown his tears were enough to melt the ice and save his son. His look of sheer joy and the sound of him laughing for the first time just cements it.
  • The song "Oh, For a Rainy Day" from "The Magic Coins".
  • At the end of "Pony Puppy", Dinah returns to her family, leading to a tearful good-bye from the ponies.
  • Night Shade. Just everything about him makes him one of the biggest woobies in the franchise. He's forced to work for Arabus and Zeb to steal other ponies' shadows, which essentially makes them weak and helpless. The first group to be hit by this plague? Night Shade's own hometown. All he wanted was to be a famous singer, and he gets to see those he grew up around suffer because of his dream. And the only one there who will give him any slack for this is his own mother; everybody else will refuse to trust Night Shade until he helps save the day, even going so far as to outright chase him and his newfound allies into a corner, with the possible intent of revenge murder. On the bright side, seeing Night Shade reunite with his mother can bring tears of a different kind.
    • It's foreshadowed in his first appearance. The lyrics of the first song we hear him sing? "You say you'd like to meet me. I'd say that's a shame."
  • The Revolt of Paradise Estate features an evil sorcerer bringing the furniture to life with magic paint. Most of the furniture is antagonistic, aside from Baby Cuddles' stroller. At the end, all of the furniture is changed back - even the stroller, to Baby Cuddles' heartbreak.
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  • Near the end of "The Magic Coins", Megan thinks all hope is lost for her when she’s surrounded by fire and breaks down crying. Even if you don’t like her, it’s hard not to feel sorry for her.


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