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Tear Jerker / My Little Jamjar

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  • It's hard not to feel sorry for Setting Native Princess Celestia when you find out how much worse her version of Nightmare Moon's banishment was than in canon.
    • To clarify: On the same night that she was forced to banish her sister, Starswirl the Bearded went mad and destroyed the only means of getting Megan home, before attacking Celestia with a magic so horrible that she was forced to kill him and destroy all evidence of it afterwards. Then, upon realizing that she had no more hope of ever returning home, Megan fell into despair and turned into a Witch, forcing Celestia to seal her away underneath the city of Canterlot. This all took place within twelve hours on the same day. As a result, she was the only pony left able to defend three different universes and the only one with the knowledge of what truly happened. It's no wonder she doesn't enjoy celebrating the Summer Sun Celebration these days.
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    • Which makes the offworld ponies' reaction to the truth that much harsher.
  • The lack of IC support for both Flare and Harvey after Iron Liz had been rainbow'ed out.
  • Just the overall reaction to Zetta and the princesses' Batman Gambit towards the Pale Pony. Even moreso when it stood revealed that Princess Twilight and Mayfield!Twilight knew about this but were forced to secrecy. Some are calling for their heads, some are accepting of it and some are just tired of all the secrets and lies and want them to end.
    • As a reaction to it, Mami's Heroic BSoD. After she's rendered temporarily helpless at the hands of the Pale Pony, she just breaks down and the first thing she does is contact Jappleack and ask for her to be her friend, scared of being alone finally.
    • Woona's own Heroic BSoD also counts too. She feels angry and upset at her native sisters and doesn't know how to deal with it properly due to being tired of secrets and lies, as well as a fear of turning back into Nightmare Moon. As a result, she tries to force good dreams on a few ponies, but ends up getting used and captured by Dark Dream. After that, she temporary stepped down as Princess of the Night and left dream watching duties to her native self.

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