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Tear Jerker / My Little Dashie

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  • The default reaction to the story by most.
  • Heck, just think what the guy and Dash just WENT through…If you do, either Fridge Horror or Tear Jerker is bound to happen...
  • Twilight Sparkle's point-of-view: One of your close friends was sent to this world by an accident that you caused and you strive frantically for several days to find out what the effect of the accident was, where she had gone, and how you can even get there. After doing so, you enter into another realm that is very foreign to you with the absolute determination that you will find your lost friend and bring her back with full confidence that it's the right thing to do and things will simply go back to being normal. And suddenly, at the moment of truth, you are initially confused by her rejection and inability to recognize you or the other ponies that came along to help and by her apparent closeness to a lifeform that you've never ever seen before from your own realm. Then you are shocked by the revelation that she had gone backwards in age as a side-effect of the accident and that she had been living here for 15 years. And finally, you are rocked to the very core of your soul as you hear and see the heartbreak between your lost friend and her adoptive father, stabbing at your guts with tremendous doubt and guilt upon the realization that this is no longer the best solution for her... because it involves tearing an inseparable family apart from each other. You begin to blame yourself, coming to the conclusion that none of this heartbreak would've happen if it weren't for you. But then your lost friend's adoptive father "thanks" you for the accident which confuses you because this incident was clearly your fault to which he counter-points that had your friend not been accidentally sent to this world and been found by him, he would never have had the chance to spend 15 years of his life fulfilling the role as a loving father for his most favorite pony and gained a new will and reason to keep living in his world. He firmly asserts that your accident was a miracle for him and expresses eternal gratitude to you for all of his newfound happiness which warms your heart and eases the emotional burden which has already become heavy enough as is. You now find yourself at the fork-in-the-road that you were confident to take... but are no longer which is to restore your lost friend memories and bring her back home. Though you, the Princess, and the adoptive father knows this has to be done, you simply cannot help it to express how sorry you are to both of them for doing this. Soon after you bring her home, one of the most difficult tasks of your life has just begun which is trying to come to terms with the consequences of your actions and the fact that things will never be the same after this.
  • Celestia's expression in the mini-movie as Dashie and her father say their goodbyes. You can tell that it pains her to have to separate them. It really does. Even if she knows that it's for the best. But no one ever said that doing the right thing was easy.
    • And Fluttershy is the first (third if you count RD and her dad) to start breaking down.
    • And Twilight starts crying when she wipes Rainbow's memories.

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